I wanted to paint my nails today…

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I wanted to paint my nails today…

I've spent the last two weeks taking green tea extract, using cuticle lotion, being very careful to get them all longer and stronger. I even bought some nail polish - L.A. Girl Rockstar in Punk, inspired by Scrangie's review of the line and raves about that particular color - and was kind of looking forward to having painted nails again.

And then, last night, there was a bit of a panic.

My cat, Glamour Puss (the one who always comes and watches when I'm putting on my makeup), had some kind of a fit - seizure, stroke, bad dream, I'm not sure. He was thrashing around fairly violently for five or ten seconds (ripped my comforter cover up good and proper), was unresponsive for a bit, and his pupils were massively dilated. I got him into the cat carrier and was thinking of taking him to the vet...but then he was walking around and looking right at me and acting like nothing had happened at all. I called and scheduled an appointment for him (they were closing in 13 minutes and he was walking okay), I got the number of the emergency vet and instructions to take him there if it happened again that evening, and I let him out of the carrier. He walked around the whole house, walked normally, seemed a little spooked of me for a while, and then ate dinner and drank and used the litterbox and otherwise acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. I broke a nail in the confusion last night, and another one was peeling, so I just cut them all to the same length - real, real short.

Glamour Puss is just fine today - he slept next to me last night like normal, he ate his breakfast, he let me pick him up and pet him, and was purring and followed me to watch me put on my makeup. I'm very relieved to see that whatever happened last night, he appears okay now. I have a vet appointment scheduled for later this week (teleconference today). Here's a picture of him stretched out next to a pile of clothes, on the ridiculously fuzzy soft blanket I got at Le Target just before Thanksgiving. ($40 for a king-size blanket - excellent deal.) He looks a bit overweight from this angle; but he's optimal weight. He's a smoke tabby, which means he's got a white undercoat and in certain lights you can see the tabby stripes in his coat - and most other times, he looks like a black cat.

So I'm back to growing my nails out...again.

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