LaurEss’ Apparition

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  • Manufacturer: LaurEss Minerals
  • Availability: available as part of the regular eyeshadow line
  • Color Range: medium grey with blue-green and red-purple duochrome shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$5.25 for 1 gram
  • Would you purchase again: yes
LaurEss’ Apparition

You know how lots of eyeshadows are marked as duochrome but maybe only about half of them are? (They're actually duotone, which is one base color and a top-layer color, usually an iridescent shade.) I bought this shadow years and years ago, when Sassy Minerals was still in business and hadn't merged with LaurEss. I wanted to get more greys, but this got caught up in The Backlog, and so for the longest time I didn't swatch or even use it.

I found out just a few days ago that this is a duochrome. Medium-soft grey base, with both heathered teal and red-purple duochrome shifts.

LaurEss’ Apparition Eye Candy: LaurEss' Apparition

I had to include a second picture to show off the duochrome shifts, which show up both when applied dry and when foiled.

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