Liner Pencil Kit faceoff: Sephora versus Urban Decay

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Liner Pencil Kit faceoff: Sephora versus Urban Decay

To someone who's not a hardcore devotee of either Sephora or Urban Decay, the 24/7 Jackpot kit and the Flashy Liners kit seem similar, with a few telling differences:

  • ...the UD pencils are smaller than the Sephora pencils. You get 50% less product per pencil in the Urban Decay kit.
  • ...but there are two more small pencils, and a fullsize Zero, in the Urban Decay kit.
  • ...but the Sephora kit costs about half what this one costs.
  • ...but the Urban Decay kit has two bright colors with no equivalents in the Sephora kit (El Dorado and Electric)

So how do you choose?

For me, since the UD 24/7 kit was an impulse purchase and there is no logic in those anyway, it wasn't a matter of one versus the other. I bought that just over a month ago, and I got the Sephora kit during the 2010 Friends and Family sale. I've been a huge fan of the Flashy Liners for years, and got my first Urban Decay pencils primarily to see what all the hype was about. I got the 24/7 kit because it lets me sample a few colors that UD has and Sephora currently does not; it lets me note the similarities, for the bargain-hunter in us all; and because it was pretty and I was in a store, for a planned purchase, and saw this and caved.

Both Urban Decay's Glide-On and Sephora's Flashy pencils are waterproof, go on very smoothly with no skipping or tugging, last all day, and don't have a tendency to fade or wander. Both fullsize pencils give you .04 oz of product. Sephora's fullsize pencils cost $8 each...while Urban Decay's pencils cost over twice that amount ($17.)

There are some color-dupes that I suspected, and was able to confirm:

  • Urban Decay's Ransom = Sephora's Flashy Violet
  • Urban Decay's Gunmetal = Sephora's Flashy Grey
  • Urban Decay's Zero = Sephora's Deep Black
  • Urban Decay's Electric = Sephora's Flashy Blue (not part of the Sephora kit, just another pencil from this line that I already owned)

If you're near a Sephora, you might want to order Sephora's Flashy Liner kit during the last few days of the Friends and Family. Or - hey, just buy it, try it out, at $20 full price for seven pencils it's a good deal.

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