Looking Forward: 2012

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It's that time of year, when just about every beauty blogger sets forth their resolutions or plans or wonders aloud what they should do next. And…I am no exception.  I've accomplished a bit this past year, and in some ways, last year was my first fully “organized” year of blogging. I was more active on Twitter, I aggressively scheduled posts, I got on Facebook and Google+ (though I'm still kind of dubious about how much good that last one will do me…), I did some good, I think.

I'll be recoding my template early in 2012. I want to rewrite the HTML so that it's HTML5 compliant (which, honestly, doesn't involve much, since my code was already HTML 4.01 compliant and most of the HTML5 changes are added semantic tags), and then I may do some design-tweaking. I've got a new set of icons picked out, I'll probably prune and rearrange the sidebar a bit, I even found the PSD layer effects if I want to make my own design elements that match the icons I found. So stellar, there's a bonus!! However, I'll admit: I'm a fan of clean designs with enough whitespace that the page feels active, but not busy. I'm not much of a graphic designer, either by training, professional background, or inclination. I don't know when I'll get around to redesigning the UI, or what it will look like. It may end up a series of smaller tweaks rather than one grand redesign-launch.

Looking Forward: 2012

I want to start doing videos in 2012. I'm not quite sure what I'll do videos about, and I have no idea how frequent they'll be…but I'd like to start doing them all the same. If nothing else, it will give me another skill for my professional toolbox. I own Roxio Create, which includes some video editing capabilities; so I've got the software. I just have to make a video, and then figure out how to use the software. I don't know that I'll do many tutorial videos because 1) I think that there are lots of tutorial vids out there already; and 2) I really prefer writing out my tutorials with still photos. It lets me put the information down in more manageable chunks. And lots of people say that tutorial videos require the most editing, so I'd prefer to reduce the amount of editing I have to do. I'm not trying to be DeMille here, I'm just trying to put up some non-craptacular videos. (Being able to edit and embed my videos into my site using HTML5 would also be kind of cool. HTML5 gives people the ability to embed videos that people can play without being forced to download 3rd-party software like QuickTime or Flash, so that's kind of cool.

I had a good run, posting write-ups on themed days like I did since spring 2011; but I want to change that up a bit in the coming year. For one, I don't have nearly as many blush or lip products to review as I do eyeshadows and liners, so I'll be wanting to change my schedule to take that into account. I have also almost worked my way through most of my Zoya polishes, and am now down to the last 15 or 20 - which, under the current system, would give me about 4 or 5 months' worth of nail polish days before I ran out of Zoya-esque content. So if I loosen the current scale, I can also have a bit more freedom in posting the non-ChG, non-OPI, and non-Zoya polishes that I have: Models Own, Milani, a few other Sally Hansens I have kicking about...My former schedule worked pretty well, but now it's time for a wee bit of a change. I'd like to start posting EoTDs again, perhaps take up my own Challenge 100 like Sirvinya started (because my One Year Eyecolor Challenge failed, though I did use a good chunk of the colors I had at that time in one year.)

I'd also like to dedicate one day a week to posting about blogging issues: software, sites, techniques, resources, social media, et cetera. Every beauty blogger has their own style and voice and audience, their own reasons for choosing this or that back-end software, their own tech-comfort levels, and so on; so I'm hoping (hoping!!!) that this might turn into more of a conversation where we can all benefit from shared wisdom, tips, and viewpoints. And I know that lots of us are kind of mystified about Klout: what good is it supposed to do us, how do we use it, why should we want to use it, et cetera. We can snark on Twitter (which, ironically enough, causes Klout to label us as "influential on Klout") or we can share information about how this particular thingamajig is useful to us. I've started using some widgets and services and sites because I see others start using them, and if I think I might find it useful / interesting I'll sign up too. Sometimes this works out pretty well (like Twitter.) Sometimes...not so well (like Pinterest. I do not fully grok Pinterest. But I'm going to keep trying...because one day I might Get It.)

Sirvinya started her Challenge 100 this year, where she'll post 100 FoTDs in the span of 365 days. This seems more doable than my grand plan to wear 1300 eyeshadows in a year! I haven't started because this fall has been crazy-busy. But I think I can safely say that Sparklecrack Central's third year will be my Challenge 100 year. Look for EoTDs starting January 9th! (And bug me if I slack off a bit! And go drop by Sirvinya's site and eg- uh, I mean, encourage her.)

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