MAC’s Gift o Glamour pigment

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  • Manufacturer: M*A*C
  • Availability: from their webstore or their boutiques and MAC shops; part of the Tartan Tale collection
  • Color Range: soft copper-rose satin
  • Cost/Amount: USD$21 for 4.5 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
MAC’s Gift o Glamour pigment

This is an extremely soft pigment. It isn't sheer, the color just looks much lighter when applied versus in the pot or vial. As with most MAC metallic pigments, I get a similar application and finish whether I apply it dry or wet.

If you love soft neutrals and near-neutrals, then it's worth picking up a vial of Gift o' Glamour off of Ebay. I prefer other MAC pigments I have, because the colors are more intense; but that's a matter of personal preference.

If you live near a Cosmetics Company Outlet, check there and see what their inventory is. That's where I found several of the Tartan Tale Thrillseekers, both the warm and cool sets, for about $25 apiece. They're a great way to try several colors of MAC pigments.

MAC’s Gift o Glamour pigment

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