MAC’s Gilded Green pigment

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  • Manufacturer: M*A*C
  • Availability: from their webstore or their boutiques and MAC shops; part of the Tartan Tale collection
  • Color Range: medium neutral green shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$21 for 4.5 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
MAC’s Gilded Green pigment

One cool color included amongst all the other warm pigments in the Thrillseekers Warm Pigment kit. I'm not sure why they included this one here, but it's kind of nice that they did.

The pigment has the in-vial balling that you usually see with MAC metallics or shimmers. This color is more of a hard-pearl finish. The color payoff is good, and coverage is fairly even. It's a slightly softer green that doesn't have seafoam tones or blue undertones - it's just a nice, neutral medium green.

MAC’s Gilded Green pigment

Applying the MAC metallic or frost pigments dry is usually a little bit of a challenge. They don't apply evenly if you put some on your brush and sweep it across. Pat or lightly stipple (lightly!! This is right over your eyeball, after all) for best coverage and application.

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