MAC’s Platinum pigment review

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  • Manufacturer: M*A*C
  • Availability: from their webstore or their boutiques and MAC shops; part of the regular line
  • Description: metallic silver-gold shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: $19.50 for 4.5 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
  • Similar shades: Aromaleigh v1's Astonish, Fyrinnae's Platinum
MAC’s Platinum pigment

Part of the regular pigment lineup, so it's always available; and a very gorgeous gilded silver that shimmers without being a hard metallic. It's more of an ‘elegant glamour' than ‘hard bling' metallic. Adhesion is great, application is smooth, but this is a dryer pigment than other non-matte MAC pigments, so be aware of fallout. I've also had to tape the entire circumference of the lid when travelling with this color, because the pigment is so very fine and prone to leaking out of any opening between the lid threads.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

A montage of three images: top left, close-up of the eyeshadow in the pot; top right, the eyeshadow mixed with water and applied to bare skin; bottom left, the eyeshadow applied dry over primer.

I have a few other similar colors, and this didn't immediately catch my eye when browsing the MAC site (I've never seen this one out at any of the MAC stores or boutiques I've been to) so I didn't get this one in my first or even my second wave of MAC pigments. This is the “soft focus” version of the three similar shades that I own.

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