March 2017: And we’re (still) moving

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I’ve been working on manually migrating my site to its new database for…oh…about two months now. It’s been a slow process. I’m definitely keeping abreast of all updates and letting others be “the first” so that I can avoid any mistakes or errors. Still, the whole thing has had its good moments. I’ve had an excuse to review all of my content, and make some formatting fixes. I’ve gotten reacquainted with the vendors I used to buy from, and remembered why I started buying and why I stopped. It’s still an ongoing process, but in a weird way it’s been kind of fun.

Still to be migrated: my miscellaneous, news, and review posts. Then after I create the stubs comes the process of copying over the content. Ugh. (I do this at every major release, because after too many incremental upgrades, the database gets more tottery than I’d like. This last time around, something outright broke during one of the babystep upgrades, and rather than risk a total collapse, I started with a fresh install of this CMS’s major revision. But dang, this is taking a while…)

March 2017: And we’re (still) moving

I’d forgotten just how whimsical and lyrical The SheSpace‘s eyeshadow names were. Bit by Glitz. Broken Wings. Be The Fairytale. Crystal Wind. Dazzle Dance. Vampires Tap Dancing. Snow White’s Dark Side. Inhale Sunshine. Moonlight and Miracles. Gin Fizz and a Phone Number. I started buying from TSS…I forget why, actually. I think I saw them raved about on a forum in early 2008, and checked them out. The shop closed its doors in 2011 when the business began to outpace what the owner wanted; and in that last year, the product quality kind of took a downturn.

I’ve been getting pleasantly reacquainted with my older Aromaleigh shadows, too. The product quality between version 1 and version 2 was not delightsome. I felt like the shadows weren’t as pigmented, and were a bit more persnickety (specifically, they did NOT like being mixed with water.) Aromaleigh v2.1 - when the owner took control back again - saw something of an uptick in product quality, but not back up to v1 levels. I’m still in mourning for the original-formula matte eyeshadows. They were nicely pigmented, they adhered decently, and they could be mixed with water with few problems. At the same time, the recent color palettes from Aromaleigh have not always been in my perferred shade range - so that’s let me concentrate on their Goddess colors, which are blushes that are sometimes (not always, but occasionally) pigmented enough to double as eyeshadows.

I’ve finished stubbing my eyeshadows, liners, lipcolors, and face colors. Last up: my nail polishes. I’m rediscovering that part of my collection, and also cringing at my older photography (done with my old camera which was all of - sit down - 4.1 megapixels. Yeah, I know.) I don’t know that I can go back and re-do all of those photos, because I’m STILL working on getting montage-photos for my older eyeshadows. I have enjoyed seeing all of my Zoyas, and I think I may try to start using those more this year. Just…not until I’ve gotten a new job. I don’t want to be wearing Sasha or Colby and get the call for an interview! I don’t buy Zoyas any more because their price has gone up, but they don’t last as long as the CND Vinylux polishes. I get more tipwear and even peeling with some polishes, even when I use CND Stickey under them. It could be a case of needing to find “the right” top coat. But I really don’t want to restart that crazy search. And honestly, with the amount of nail polish I have, 72-84 hours is a decent length of time for a manicure to last.

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