Maybelline’s Lip Studio Prime It Up Lip Primer review

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  • Manufacturer: Maybelline
  • Availability: available through drugstores and all-in-one stores
  • Description: clear
  • Cost/Amount: USD$7.99 per pencil
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Maybelline’s Lip Studio Prime It Up Lip Primer

I was hoping for another primer that acted like a color-adhesive, to help my lip color stay in place longer. I was less concerned with smoothing, but if the primer helped minimize feathering (especially on bolder deeper shades) that would also be welcome. The form and price seemed great, and it was easy to apply. There was a little bit of tackiness…but not too much, honestly.

I first purchased this about a year ago, and in between then and the day I published this review, it’s become harder to find. I think Maybelline didn’t get the customer buy-in (both literal and figurative) that it was hoping for, and has either discontinued this product or is just doing a slow fade…which is appropriate enough, because that’s what lipstick does over this primer.

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