Meow Cosmetics’ eye color prices going up, quantity going down

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Meow Cosmetics’ eye color prices going up, quantity going down

By reading through the Meow Cosmetics' forum, I just found out a couple of things regarding their jar sizes and packaging:

  1. I'm not the only one who's less than thrilled with the switch to 5 gram jars and the cost of $8 a jar for their newer collections
  2. they're going to start switching all their eye colors over to this packaging/price in 2010, so if you want any of the pre-existing Meow colors in the larger jars...get them now

I buy the Aleigh products I do because of all the sales they have - otherwise I'd own far less of their products. $8 a jar seems to be what Aleigh is moving toward, as well, what with the 2009 LE collection colors that became permanent staying at $8 a jar when their other stock collections are $6.75 or $7.50. Yet if you just wait, Aleigh will eventually have those 25% off sales and you'll be able to get your color for $6 a jar. Meow's sales are 10%, 15%, or very occasionally 20% for a quite sizeable order. This means that, effectively, Meow's eyecolors cost more. And while I have enjoyed some of the colors I've gotten from their LE collections, I haven't seen a truly wide range of colors - just lots of variety within a fairly limited range. Almost all the LE collections in the last six months have been focussing on metallic effects, duochromes, and iridescence...but to varying effect. There have been some duochromes, but honestly - you've got to take it with a grain of salt and get samples, otherwise you'll end up purchasing something fullsize that's not nearly as "metallic", "duochrome", or "iridescent" as the description states.

Apparently they're not changing the jar sizes on their foundations, face powders, or blushes - just on the eyeshadows. That's something of a relief, as I've always appreciated the quantity, value, and pricepoint of my Meow foundation. But I suspect that once their inventory is cleared of any 10-gram jars and the pricepoint goes up sitewide, I'll be buying less product from them and recommending them to fewer people for anything besides their foundation. (Unless that also goes up in price/down in quantity. Geez, I'd better stock up...)

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