Meow Cosmetics’ Holiday Colors released!

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Meow Cosmetics’ Holiday Colors released!

‘Tis the season, ‘tis Black Friday in the US, and holiday collections are pouring out of the woodwork. I remember last year I had just started buying from Meow Cosmetics when a few of their holiday collections were out, but I passed on them. This year, they've re-released a few items from last year and added more eyeshadow colors - six (6!!!) new collections in all.

We've got 12 Pains of Christmas, Glacial Grove, Merry Mayhem, Ghosts of XMas Past, Winter Spirits, and Snowflakes. Collections will be available until January 31, 2009.

12 Pains of Christmas has a mix of finishes, brighter shades, and the names make me laugh! There's Batteries Not Included, Black Friday, Burnt Turkey, Cat In The Tree, Debt, Dirty Snow, Hangover, In-Laws, Lights Out, Party Crasher, Tree Fire, and Yellow Snow. I hope that this holiday season, no one has to experience all of these delightsome episodes except in the form of these colors! (One or two is inevitable. Four seems about average. Seven or nine, serious application of eggnog and brandied cherries may be in order. All twelve…yeep!!)

Merry Mayhem also has brighter colors, more jeweltones, and a different “tone” to the eleven colors' names. This collection includes Coal, Fa-la-la, Ho Ho Ho, Jangle, Jingle, Naughty, Nice, Ring-a-Ling, Secret Santa, Snow Angel, and Star.

Winter Spirits is a re-release. All but one of these fourteen colors were also available last year, and all are named for wines and liquers: Cabernet, Chablis, Chianti, Lambrusco, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Port, Rose, Sirah, Shiraz, Sherry, Sparkling, Zinfandel, and this year's new color, Hot Toddy.

Glacial Grove is a collection of icy-cool, frosted shades all new for this year. The eleven colors are Woodlands, Verdure, Wild, Thicket, Brisk, Nightfall, Howl, Copse, Icebound, Permafrost, and Gloaming.

Snowflakes are six sparkly, brilliant white-silver-blue colors. Five are coming back, and one is new: Blizzard, Avalanche, Blustery, Brr…, Flurry, and Snowball.

They've also released a new blush collection and recently begun carrying the Lady Burd indelible gel liners by customer request.

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