MMU Sample Sizes: Aromaleigh, Everyday Minerals, Pure Luxe, The SheSpace

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MMU Sample Sizes: Aromaleigh, Everyday Minerals, Pure Luxe, The SheSpace

Mineral makeup companies, especially the online-only stores, know that customers have lots of choices. They also know that people may want to test before they commit to buying something in fullsize. Many of them allow you to buy most of their loose-powder products in a much smaller, less expensive sample size. Some even give away free samples with orders. So when is a purchased sample a good deal? Who's got the best value, in terms of samples? Going in alphabetical order, dealing only with the companies I've purchased from:

Just like their full-size products, Aromaleigh v1's samples also vary in price, costing between $1.20 and $1.40 for a sample baggie. This is the most costly “sample” I've run across in terms of price paid for amount of product. On the plus side, they do include 3 free samples with every order…however, they may be samples of a color you didn't want to sample, or already own. (At least if you already own the product, you can just add the sample to your main pot.)

Everyday Minerals
At $2.50 per sample, EDM's samples are the most expensive. However, a “sample” is a 5-gram jar with sifter, filled 3/4 to completely full. You're getting 75% as much product as a fullsized Aromaleigh jar for about 1/3 the cost of a fullsize Aromaleigh jar! Yes, the samples are costly; and if you only really wanted enough to try it out, you may very well end up with a sizable quantity of product that you won't use. On the other hand, if you're borderline about a color or like it but don't love it (and will probably only use it occasionally), you've got a goodly amount of product and you didn't have to pay for a full-size jar.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics
Again - samples in a jar, rather than a plastic baggie. I prefer the jars because I sometimes have problems getting all the product out of the plastic baggies. I also bluntly prefer to receive more product if I'm going to pay $1 per sample. Each sample comes in a 3-gram jar with no sifter, and the jars are filled 1/5 to 1/3 of the way full. While it's a bit irritating that the samples' fill levels aren't consistent, the overall value is solid.

The SheSpace / About Face Cosmetics
TSS' samples come in a plastic baggie, and are approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon. The actual amount varies slightly - but I have noticed that TSS' samples consistently contain more product than Aromaleigh v1's samples (which also come in a plastic baggie.) TSS' samples cost less per sample, and they don't vary in price - they're $.50 across the board. This makes things easier on the back-end; but it also makes things simpler for the consumer: whether the sample is from this collection or that, it will cost the same amount. TSS does not include free samples with their orders, which some may see as a drawback.

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