Morgana Cryptoria’s Shifty Eyed collection

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  • Manufacturer: Morgana Cryptoria
  • Availability: beginning April 2011 from the webstore
  • Contains: 7 eyeshadows
  • Cost/Amount: USD$5.50 for 1.5 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Morgana Cryptoria’s Shifty Eyed collection

When all the 2011 vegan lipstick colors came out, I knew that while there was no way I’d wear (for example) a blue or a green lipstick, the duochrome aspects and the base colors themselves made me want to see eyeshadow versions of these shades. And they showed up in eyeshadow form in April 2011! This is another kit that’s going to be slowly increased over the years, with (presumably) more colors added that are eyeshadow-versions of Morgana’s vegan lipsticks from 2011.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Morgana Cryptoria’s Shifty Eyed collection Morgana Cryptoria's Shifty Eyed shadow collection swatches

This kit contained:

  • Changing Chartreuse — soft yellow with violet sheen (based on Violet Banana lipstick)
  • Enchanted Emerald — deep greyed-green with copper sheen (based on Enchanted Emerald lipstick)
  • Lime Shift — bright lime green with copper/orange/gold shimmer (based on Brilliant Lime lipstick)
  • Magic Plum — warm medium-deep plum with an aqua/green sheen (based on Plumeria lipstick)
  • Mystic Lavender — light purple with green/silver/pink sheen
  • Mystic Midnight — deep blue with blue-green/plum shimmer
  • Shifting Sky — light blue with a red/gold sheen (based in Fire In The Sky lipstick)

All swatches above are applied dry over primer.

I'm most liking Mystic Lavender, Magic Plum, and Shifting Sky. Mystic Midnight looks a tiny bit similar to some other colors I have from other vendors, at least as far as the base color goes; and I haven't quite made up my mind about Enchanted Emerald. The copper shift looks nice, but faint; and the greyed green base color hasn't completely won me over.

I look forward to seeing any additions to this or to the Murder Mystery collection. Morgana's got some lovely lipstick colors, and while some of them won't translate easily to eyeshadows because they use non-eye-safe colors (mostly the reds) I'd like to see if she comes out with equivalents to Sunset Peach, Dianthus, or Shifting Violet.

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