My Pretty Zombie’s Cerveaux

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  • Manufacturer: My Pretty Zombie
  • Availability: part of the regular line; released in the Offal Group collection
  • Color Range: light blue-violet with green duotone shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: USD$5.00 for 1.2 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
My Pretty Zombie’s Cerveaux

Light purple base with a fairly solid clear-green interference layer. The base color leans a little blue, and yes, this is another “Easter-egg” color. You can buff away much of the green shimmer layer if you want, but some of the base color will come with it. (And why would you want to? The resulting combination is lovely!)

My Pretty Zombie’s Cerveaux

For the month of April 2017, you can get this color for 40% off - $3 per jar instead of $5. Go grab it!

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