Nail art for August 20

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When I first started getting into nail art, I tried to avoid water decals. I wanted the ease and simplicity of stickers: peel them off, stick them on the nails, et voila. This worked okay until I started noticing that a lot of designs that I wanted to try…were water decals. (They’re also often less expensive than stickers.) I broke down, bought some water decals, and found them a LOT easier to work with than I’d feared! Now I have quite a few bundles of water-decal designs, and I look forward to using them.

Nail art for August 20

August has been such a crazy month, I haven’t had time to properly shop my own stash! I finally grabbed a free day, though, and added some water decals to my nails. This manicure was three days old at this point, so you can get an idea of the staying power of CND Vinylux. The butterflies were part of a set of 50-card water decals from the Born Pretty Store.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Nail art for August 20 Shop Your Stash: CND's Vinylux Uninhibited + water decals

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