News: Aromaleigh v2 eyeshadow price drop across the board

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I've spent 30 minutes doing some cleanup on all of my Aromaleigh v2 entries. I've included the ounce-quantities on all entries, where before the full-size eyeshadow was just listed as how many grams a jar contained; and I've updated the price.

News: Aromaleigh v2 eyeshadow price drop across the board

On October 14 2013, Aromaleigh lowered the price of their permanent-collection and limited-edition shadows. Before, shadows would range from $7.00 to $8.50. Now, they're all just USD$6.50. The quantities haven't changed (or there's no notice on the blog or change on the shop pages), just the price for full-size shadows is uniform across all collections. This includes the recently-released Brilliant Deductions limited-edition collection.

I don't know if this means that they won't be running their 25%-off weekly sales any more, or not. I know that when I would make my purchases, I would wait for either a storewide coupon, or for the collection I was eyeballing to be included in the weekly sales. THEN I'd swoop in and purchase. (Kind of how I tend to shop from Meow Cosmetics, most of whose eyeshadows are also 1.2 grams for USD$8.00.) No information on what prompted this price change, either - but I'll bet that not having to reprice all of those catalog items for the weekly sales is going to be a nice piece of the workload that they can set down.

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