NYX Cosmetics’ Epic Wear Liner Stick collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: NYX Cosmetics (owned by L'Oréal)
  • Availability: released in July 2020
  • Description: 24 eyeliners
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.00 for 0.04 ounces / 1.13 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
NYX Cosmetics’ Epic Wear Liner Stick collection

I liked the colors and longevity of the Epic Wear Ink Liners, so when these showed up I was very interested to try them out! I picked up my first three when I was out shopping during the Summer of Covid-19, and soon ordered several others online. They apply very smoothly, have so many rich colors, and - after an initial period where they are blendable or smudgeable - stay put all day. These say that they’re waterproof, and they act like it. I didn’t try using any on my waterline, but when applied to my lash line, they did not transfer up to my lid nor did they slowly disappear through the day.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Four eyeliners, swatched: All Time Olive, Berry Goth, Cosmic Yellow, Deepest Brown. Four eyeliners, swatched: Dusty Mauve, Fierce Purple, Frosted Lilac, and Gilded Taupe. Four eyeliners, swatched: Gold Plated, Graphic Purple, Gunmetal Gaze, and Intense Teal. Four eyeliners, swatched: Magenta Shock, Orange Zest, Periwinkle Pop, and Pink Spirit. Three eyeliners, swatched: Pure White, Silver Lining, and Turquoise Storm.

These liners have their pros and cons, like every product; but the cons are, for the most part, incredibly minor or confined to individual shades. The product is incredibly soft, so if you want to keep a sharp point you'll have to change the angle you use for application - or sharpen the pencils more often. You can use a standard sharpener to put a point on these, or to get access to more product. Because this is a gel pencil, I don't know how easy it will be to try and use it to tightline - you may find it easier to try and use a brush to apply the color between your lashes. The metallics don't apply smoothly, which honestly seems to be par for the course with liner pencils or retractable sticks and their metallic shades. I can't decide how I'll best use Dusty Mauve, which is a lovely color that applies very nicely but it's such a soft shade on me...I don't know that it works well for me as an eyeliner, unless I just want clean color without any definition.

I ended up buying all but five of these shades. I skipped Pitch Black, Chartreuse, Chill Blue, Emerald Cut, and Blue Trip because I didn't care for the colors as eyeliners, or (for Pitch Black) because I really didn't want another black eyeliner regardless of how much I love the formula.

This collection contained:

  • All Time Olive — metallic medium olive green shimmer
  • Berry Goth — deep berry-purple satin
  • Blue Trip —
  • Chartreuse —
  • Chill Blue —
  • Cosmic Yellow — medium mustard-yellow satin
  • Deepest Brown — coffee-brown matte
  • Dusty Mauve — cameo pink satin
  • Emerald Cut —
  • Fierce Purple — medium-deep violet
  • Frosted Lilac — pastel lilac shimmer
  • Gilded Taupe — metallic aged-gold shimmer
  • Gold Plated —
  • Graphic Purple —
  • Gunmental Gaze — medium-deep neutral charcoal shimmer
  • Intense Teal —
  • Magenta Shock —
  • Orange Zest — medium tangerine shimmer
  • Periwinkle Pop — pale purple pearl
  • Pink Spirit — hot pink satin
  • Pitch Black — deep black satin
  • Pure White — bright white satin
  • Silver Lining — metallic medium-light silver shimmer
  • Turquoise Storm — medium intense blue shimmer

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