NYX Cosmetics’ Glitter Primer review

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NYX Cosmetics’ Glitter Primer

I was mildly interested in this glitter primer, but since I don’t often wear actual glitter-finish face or body cosmetics, I left it sit in the store…until the May 4th after Carrie Fisher’s passing. (May 4th being Star Wars day, and Carrie Fisher having often be-glittered convention-goers to make her world brighter.) This stuff really held the glitter in place very firmly! I did get a little bit of fallout after a couple of hours, but not lots or even most of the glitter.

I tested this with eyeshadows, and it also grabbed them pretty strongly. That’s the up side. The downside is that blending is a lot more difficult. Want bold colorblocking looks? This stuff will do the trick. Want a smoky eye or any kind of smooth gradient transition? Yeah…not so much.

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