OPI’s Brights collection review

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  • Manufacturer: OPI
  • Availability: in several waves, starting in 2006
  • Availability: salons, retailers, and some etailers
  • Description: 31 nail colors...and counting
  • Cost/Amount: USD$9 for 14 ml / .5 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: only a few of the colors
OPI’s Brights collection

It’s interesting to note that the collection hasn’t been added to since 2009. It’s also interesting to note that the only colors I’ve bought from this collection are the obvious layering polishes: Fireflies, Significant Other Color, Pink Before You Leap. I’d thought about buying Can’t You Sea at one point, only to decide that I’d rather pay for some backup bottles of Glacier Bay Blues. The other shades in the Brights collection are…well, a bit too bright for my personal tastes, or they’re semi- or completely sheer. The non-sheer colors veer away from primary and jeweltone, and approach neon territory. I’ll be content with the few shades I have from this collection, and leave the others for the folks who appreciate these shades a bit more.

Grouped by waves in which they were released, this collection contains:

First Wave (3)
  • Dominant Jeans — semisheer medium turquose shimmer
  • Fireflies — semisheer gold-green interference
  • Significant Other Color — semisheer green and purple duochrome iridescent shimmer
Second Wave (6)
  • Dazzle Me — sheer bluegreen shimmer
  • Do You Lilac It — light lilac creme
  • Flashbulb Fuchsia — medium-deep fuchsia-pink pearl
  • Pink Before You Leap — semisheer medium-light pink shimmer
  • Purple with a Purpose — metallic medium purple shimmer
  • Up Front and Personal — metallic pale gold shimmer
Third Wave (6)
  • Atomic Orange — bright red-orange creme
  • Bright Lights, Big Color — intense coral-red with green duochrome shimmer
  • Charged Up Cherry — neon medium-deep coral-pink creme
  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's OPI — bright yellow-orange creme
  • Ladies and Magenta-men — cool medium-deep red-pink pearl
  • That's Berry Daring — neon medium-deep hot pink creme
Fourth Wave (6)
  • Electric Eel — semisheer warm medium green shimmer
  • Gargantuan Green Grape — pale green creme
  • Go On Green — semisheer blue-green shimmer
  • Megawatt — semisheer yellow frost
  • Need Sunglasses? — bright yellow creme
  • Totally Tangerine — medium-light tangerine shimmer
Fifth Wave (10)
  • And This Little Piggy — medium gilded rose-pink shimmer
  • Can't You Sea? — sheer medium-light turquoise sheen
  • Call My Cell-ery — sheer lime-green sheen
  • Don't Know, Beets Me — deep cool pink creme
  • Goin' Apre-icot — sheer medium-deep orange shimmer
  • Goldilocks Rocks — sheer yellow-gold shimmer
  • Hey! Get in Lime! — soft blue-jade creme
  • Mod About You — dark-pastel pink creme
  • Nicole Alert — medium-bright coral-orange creme
  • That's All Bright With Me —
Summer 2008 (6)
  • Brights Power — bright medium orange creme
  • Dating a Royal — medium royal blue creme
  • Green-wich Village — medium yellowed-olive green creme
  • Mod-ern Girl — bright orange-red creme
  • That's Hot Pink — semisheer candied hot pink frost
  • The "It" Color — bright orange-yellow creme
Summer 2009: Mod About Brights (6)
  • A Grape Fit! — bright pale periwinkle-purple creme
  • In My Back Pocket — neon orange creme
  • No Room for the Blues — bright medium blue creme
  • On the Same Paige — bright medium coral-orange creme
  • Over the Taupe — medium grey-brown creme
  • Shorts Story — bright medium pink creme

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