Orly’s Cosmic FX collection

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  • Manufacturer: Orly
  • Availability: beginning fall 2010 through salons, retailers, and some etailers
  • Contains: six duochrome foil nail polishes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10 for 14 ml / .6 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Orly’s Cosmic FX collection

I jumped on this bandwagon late…but I jumped on it nevertheless. Maybe that's a good thing, though: I had the supreme luxury of looking through the hundreds of photos, swatches, nail wheels, indoor and outdoor pics, dupes and near-dupes…and was able to steer clear of the least interesting of the group.

<p>This collection contained:</p> <ul> <li>Galaxy Girl — metallic purple with blue and green duochrome shimmer</li> <li>Halley's Comet — metallic turquoise with green and yellow shimmer</li> <li>It's Not Rocket Science — metallic green with gold and blue shimmer</li> <li>Lunar Eclipse — metallic blue with pink and purple shimmer</li> <li>Out Of This World — metallic purple with pink and silver duochrome shimmer</li> <li><a href="/such/obsessive/addictions/orlys_space_cadet/">Space Cadet</a> — metallic green with magenta and bronze duochrome shimmer</li> </ul>

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