Orly’s Holiday Soirée collection

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  • Manufacturer: Orly
  • Availability: beginning October 2011 through salons, retailers, and some etailers
  • Contains: six nail polishes
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10 for 14 ml / .6 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Orly’s Holiday Soirée collection

Another collection that I only picked up when it was on deep-discount sale. I love Ingenue and Oui, which are basically the warm and cool versions of the same polish. I wasn’t quite as thrilled with Androgynie…but I seem to be oddly immune to the charms of hexagonal-glitter polishes that send so many others in paroxysms of glee. Ma Cherie and Le Chateau are fairly decent - even if the former did take more coats than I would have preferred, for full opacity.

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Orly’s Holiday Soirée collection

This collection contained:

  • Androgenie — black with multicolored sparkle
  • Au Champagne — soft white pearl
  • Ingenue — gilded mauve-purple duotone shimmer
  • Le Chateau — blackened teal cream
  • Ma Cherie — red high-shine creme
  • Oui — gilded purple duotone shimmer

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