Revlon’s True Red Colorburst Lipstick

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  • Manufacturer: Revlon
  • Availability: part of the Colorburst Lipstick collection
  • Color Range: bold vivid apple-red creme
  • Cost/Amount: USD$8.99 for 3.7 grams / .13 ounces
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Revlon’s True Red Colorburst Lipstick

You want a bright, bold, take-no-prisoners red? It's right here. Whereas many of the other Colorburst lipsticks needed a stroke or two to give me full opacity and color payoff, one stroke of this gave me full color right out of the gate. Actually…it gave almost too much color for my preferences. The only other Colorburst lipstick that I've tried that is this richly-hued is Raspberry.

The lighting is a bit misleading here, but this color is actually right on the border between being a cool red and a warm red and just edged over into warm-red territory. The lighting makes it look more like an orange-red. It is…barely. But not quite to the extent in my photos. (Sorry.)

Revlon’s True Red Colorburst Lipstick

Often when I wear lipstick, I either wear softer shades and so don't really need to use lipliner, or use the Buxom Lip Sticks and use those as both liner and fill color. This color is bold enough that using a lipliner was necessary to help define my lips. I only wore this color for about two hours with minimal blotting, and didn't notice any bleeding. That may be due to the lip liner, or it may be due to the fact that I was only able to wear it for two hours. I paired this with Sephora's Nano Lip Liner in Real Red.

I like this color. I like that it didn't take multiple strokes to get full coverage and color payoff - one stroke on each lip, where others in this line required two or three. But I'm just not personally happy wearing this color at full intensity. It makes a statement, all right…but with my personal style and preferences (enhancement and colorful whimsy rather than full-color extreme-makeup-art stylings), that statement is “I raided mommy's makeup drawer, aren't I just precious.” It doesn't harmonize easily with the rest of my look - which is kind of sad, because while this color is a bit too bold for me to easily and comfortably wear, I love the color!!

Blotted, this shade dials the volume back from 11 to 8 - so it doesn't completely lose the red, it just softens it very, very, very slightly. When I wear this I may have to tone it down by blotting and by wearing it underneath a pink or nude lip polish (possibly Merry, Julie, or even Blanche.)

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