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After nine years - including five years of extremely heavy use (over 3,000 foiled swatches) - one off my first foiling brushes is finally dead. Or, well, nearly. It sheds a few hairs every time I rinse it out, and every time I use it I have to pick a few more strays out before applying the shadow. Time to send it off and start using a new one.

When I started photographing all of my shadows and blushes, I decided to dedicate a set of brushes to swatching. They’re the same type as the brushes that I use to actually apply my eyeshadow, and they get a thorough cleaning after each swatch session. Having a set of brushes just for swatching let me minimize use on my “dailies”, and it let me keep the swatching brushes in a separate place so that I’d always know where they were.

RIP foiling brush

Up until now I’ve had one brush for dry application, one for foiling, and one for heavier swatches of blushes and highlighters. (That last is the only brush-type that I don’t use in regular application. I wanted to better show the color in the swatch.) I’ve been using the exact same brushes since I started with the montage-swatches…except for the blush-swatch brush, I’ve only been doing that since about 2014. I used the Crown Chisel Fluff brush (C210) for foiling, and it held up fairly well. I treated that brush…well, a bit roughly. In between individual swatches it got spritzed with extra cleaning solution and dragged over a terry cloth, to get all the left-behind shadow out of the bristles and make sure that the next swatch(es) wouldn’t have traces of the previous color I’d done. Sometimes I’d have to dunk the brush in water up past the ferrule before the cleaning solution, there would occasionally be that much loose shadow to get off the brush.

Another reason for using the Crown brush is that back when I bought it, it cost me less than USD$3.00. The Bare Escentuals Wet/Dry Shadow Brush, which I used for actual daily application, cost USD$20. And while I had a few backups of that from the various BE kits I’d bought, I didn’t want to run through those if their replacements were going to be so expensive. I’ve actually switched to using a C210 in my daily routines, even though I still have a few BE Wet/Dry brushes.

I can’t really use this brush any more, but I have gotten excellent mileage out of it. For anyone who may be in the market for a “first brush”, there’s my recommendation: Crown Brush C210 Chisel Fluff. Inexpensive, versatile, fairly durable.

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