Sally Hansen’s Fall 2013 Complete Salon Manicure Designer collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Sally Hansen
  • Availability: beginning late August 2013
  • Contains: 10 nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$7.00 for 14 ml / .5 fl oz (full retail price may vary up to $2.00 up or down, depending on the store's prices/policies)
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Sally Hansen’s Fall 2013 Complete Salon Manicure Designer collection

When I originally saw this collection posted over on Nouveau Cheap, the only color that jumped out at me was Gold Roses. Then after I got back from Atlanta and saw the whole collection at my local drugstore, I thought I might try Stocking Nude. And maybe one other color. And then…you know how it goes. All but one color from this collection is now part of my hoard.

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Sally Hansen’s Fall 2013 Complete Salon Manicure Designer collection

The colors in this collection were inspired by designers Rodarte, Tracy Reese, and Prabal Gurung. Prabal Gurung and Tracy Reese are both frequent collaborators with Sally Hansen. Some of the colors are gorgeous, a few are not my personal favorites, but all the collections are pretty well-rounded.

This collection contained:

  • Coat of Arms — roughened metallic pewter-gold shimmer (Prabal Gurung)
  • Gold Roses — metallic rose-copper shimmer (Rodarte)
  • Goldie Frocks — roughened metallic bright gold shimmer (Prabal Gurung)
  • Loden Green — warm khaki-green creme (Prabal Gurung)
  • Malbec — deep violet creme (Tracy Reese)
  • New Wave Blue — bright medium-deep blue-aqua creme(Tracy Reese)
  • Night Watch — deep navy creme (Prabal Gurung)
  • Perfect Poppy — bright warm red creme (Tracy Reese)
  • Platinum Star — metallic bright silver shimmer (Rodarte)
  • Stocking Nude — rose-beige creme (Rodarte)

Loden Green is the only color from this collection that I didn't get. It's just a tiny bit too warm for me. Platinum Star was a surprise - it's a metallic bright silver, a bit like China Glaze's Millenium. And Night Watch is a thick-but-not-goopy shade that applied evenly in just one coat. Very few of these colors required three coats for full opacity, which is always nice.

This collection reminded me just a bit of the Zoya fall 2013 collections, both in terms of application and overall color palette. I absolutely love Zoya nail polishes, I really and truly do. The color selection, the fact that they're permanent (with rare exceptions) and I don't have to rush to buy, the longevity, the price point...if Zoya polishes had the same brush as Sally Hansen's CSM shades, I would probably buy fewer CSM polishes.

And on an interesting note...I'm not 100% sure that these polishes are limited edition. I think they may be permanent additions to the line. I say this not based on any source of reliable information, but because the polishes all have numbers on the caps. That's right: these are all numbered. The Spring 2013 polishes did not have numbers on the caps, only names. Hidden Treasure (the original flakie-topcoat polish, not this new thing that's part of the permanent lineup) had only a name, not a number. So...maybe these are going to be around for quite some time.

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