Saturday Soundtrack: Moments of Pleasure (Kate Bush)

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2016 has been an absolute fucking hrakastorm. And that’s not even counting all the great people that we lost. (Carrie Fisher -=and=- Debbie Reynolds back-to-back? Seriously, 2016? This isn’t a fucking speed run! And Dr. Donald Henderson, the guy who traveled much of the globe to wipe out smallpox?)

On the strictly personal level, I had some good things happen - selling a cottage, buying a house - but some not-so-great things happen - badly hurting my ankle while in Italy and coming home to find out that it was not sprained but broken, recovering from surgery and being on crutches when packing to move into my new house, my mom going into hospital and onto a ventilator… looking back, it seems like all the bad crap - including the election - has been in the final quarter of the year.

Saturday Soundtrack: Moments of Pleasure (Kate Bush)

So while this year has been utter garbage, we all need to concentrate on the good bits, to keep ourselves sane and rejuvenated for the long haul of idiocy ahead. Also, because - as this shit-spackled muppet fart of a year* has reminded us again and again - hold tight to your memories and experiences, because people can leave you without warning.

* I just had to include that phrase. There's a lovely cadence to it.

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