Saturday Soundtrack: Myth (Delerium feat. Joanna Stevens)

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Saturday Soundtrack: Myth (Delerium feat. Joanna Stevens)

Lately I'm on a Delerium kick. I've purchased two more of their albums and been listening to them as I write code, as I crop and size my photos for this site, and as I slog through all the HOA board-president stuff. (What a nasty hectic year this has been.) The songs are generally collaborations with various artists, and range from quasi-ethereal to straight-up pop to club mixes. I like the Middle-Eastern-sounding passages mixed with Gregorian-style vocals, some flamenco-guitar riffs, and the techno backbeat. (Because when I'm coding, I want mixed musical elements to help my mind keep looking at all possible solutions. Unless I'm wrestling with SQL or PHP, when I need industrial thrash to get me through.)

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