Saturday Soundtrack: Use Well The Days (Annie Lennox)

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I’ve had this song on repeat since just after Labor Day (alternating with Into the West). This song was recorded but not used in the LoTR trilogy. It’s almost played itself out as the Resident Earworm. (I tend to pick a shortlist of songs and listen to them over and over…and over…and over…and over…until I finally get to the point that I’m ready to listen to a different shortlist of songs.)

Saturday Soundtrack: Use Well The Days (Annie Lennox)

Even though September has been a fairly shit month, I’m trying to pay attention to the things that I’ve accomplished. I’ve gotten the site about 90% migrated. I’ve started saving up for another trip to DragonCon. I finished painting another room in my house. I harangued my Congresscritters about the healthcare bill(s). There are plenty of things I haven’t done, that I wanted to do…but if I let myself fixate on those, I’ll probably take a nap that lasts an entire month.

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