Scaredy Cat Cosmetics’ Rose Gold

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  • Manufacturer: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
  • Availability: part of the regular line
  • Color Range: bronzed dusty rose shimmer
  • Cost/Amount: $5 for 1.2 grams
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics’ Rose Gold

I got a color named Rose Gold from Bare Escentuals, but it's much more gold than rose. Since actual rose (or red, or pink) gold used in jewelry is an alloy of gold and bronze, and the color does vary according to the ratios used in the alloy, neither of the colors is necessarily misnamed. I just like this one from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics a bit better. It has more of a pink base, and looks better on folks with cool coloring. The color applies a little lighter than it appears in the pot, but has no bald spots or patchy application. Color payoff is excellent, and the wet application appears a bit smoother than the dry application - otherwise, I wasn't seeing any discernable difference. As with almost all other eyeshadows, if I don't wear a primer this will start to migrate fairly quickly; but the primer lets even my super-oily lids hold onto eyeshadows for an entire work day (9 hours, counting commute time.)

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics’ Rose Gold

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