Sigma Beauty’s Flat Definer Brush review

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Sigma Beauty’s Flat Definer Brush

  • Manufacturer: Sigma Beauty
  • Availability: part of Sigma's Eye brushes
  • Description: black-handled brush
  • Cost: $9
  • Would you purchase again: no
  • Similar tools:

This brush is a smaller, thinner, much more compact and precise version of Bare Escentuals' Flathead Shadow Brush (which is too large for me to use as a makeup I use it to clean my computer keyboard. Oh, shush. It's creative repurposing.) You could also say that it's the straight-edge version of BE's Full-Edged Liner Brush.

I have been able to use this for lining; but now I know why brushes like the Full-Edged Liner Brush and the Soft Focus Liner Brush are angled: you don't have to hold your hand at such an awkward angle to get the liner to apply in a straight line, close to your lashes. The brush itself is fine: synthetic bristles, the head holds its shape even after multiple cleanings, and the brush is thin enough to let you do some nice detail-work. Still, it's a little too flimsy for applying cream shadow across the lid (and a little narrow for that) and I prefer the angled brush-heads for lining.

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