Sigma Beauty’s Foundation Brush review

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Sigma Beauty’s Foundation Brush

  • Manufacturer: Sigma Beauty
  • Availability: part of Sigma's Face brushes
  • Description: black-handled brush
  • Cost: $14 when purchased by itself
  • Would you purchase again: not sure - best value is to buy it as part of a kit
  • Similar tools:

I wasn't sure how this one would work for me, since it's intended for applying liquid or cream foundation and I generally use loose-powder foundation (with extremely rare exceptions).

The synthetic bristles vary in length, and the brush itself holds its shape well without actually digging any of the bristles into my skin. I don't have any brushes from any other manufacturer that are remotely similar. I do use it for applying my concealer/corrector on my chin and around my nose - using this larger brush goes faster and gives me more even application than using a smaller brush.

This brush, the F60, comes in the Travel Kit and the Complete kit (with or without brush roll) - so if you want this brush and several other Sigma brushes, your best move is to get it in one of those kits.

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