Sigma Beauty’s Pencil Eyeshadow Brush review

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Sigma Beauty’s Pencil Eyeshadow Brush

  • Manufacturer: Sigma Beauty
  • Availability: part of Sigma's Eye brushes
  • Description: black-handled brush
  • Cost: $9
  • Would you purchase again: yes
  • Similar tools:

I don't actually have this one in fullsize - but the travel-size version comes free with orders over $30, so I have three of these things.

I'm not completely sure how this got the name "Pencil Brush". To me, that would imply precision detail or a finer point or possibly just a firmer brush. This is a decent enough softer, broadstroke kinda-sorta-contour-and-shading-blendy-type of brush, but "pencil"? Ummm...okay.

Odd name aside, this is a nice smaller-blending brush, or a good brush to use for a softer all-over application (or an all-over sheer top-shadow.) I don't know that I'll get one in fullsize, simply because I have several of the smaller sized brushes and they'll be useful for years. I don't clean my brushes every day, nor every week like I'd like to...but I do clean them once every two weeks, without fail. That's when having so many 'extras' and 'backups' comes in handy!

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