Silk Naturals’ Beach Bum Pink

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  • Manufacturer: Silk Naturals
  • Availability: part of the Beach Bum multipurpose mineral stack; later added to the regular line
  • Color Range: soft coral-pink satin
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4 for 0.75 teaspoon
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Silk Naturals’ Beach Bum Pink

One of a stack of three shades that could be used as blush, eyeshadow, or lip color. The shades were softer, but they were pigmented enough that they'd show up nicely on just about any skintone without lots of layering or extra effort. The colors were just…softer. Not thin, or patchy, or semisheer.

Silk Naturals’ Beach Bum Pink

There is enough pigmentation with this color that, while you can use it as a blush, applying just a little more heavily means that it's an actually-visible eyeshadow.

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