Sparklecrack I’m Looking Forward To, January 1 2012

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Sparklecrack I’m Looking Forward To, January 1 2012

Last year was a great year in terms of exploring new makeup, both indie and “corporate” - and I'm already looking forward to some new and new-to-me items for 2012!

Zoya's coming out with two new collections: the True collection, with six colors (mixed creme and shimmer); and the Fleck collection, Zoya's True collection promo photographywith three flakie-ish topcoats. The Fleck collection doesn't interest me much because they look more like single-color flakies (like Sinful's Green Ocean) rather than the duochrome-opalescent flakies like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I bought LA Pop, an older "flakie" color from Zoya, which has since been discontinued. LA Pop wasn't hideous, but it wasn't what I expected or really wanted. So I can safely by pass this particular trend. The True collection has a few that look interesting to me: Cho, Bevin, and Skylar. Cho actually looks like a slightly more elegant version of Uli, which I very much like and which has been slated for discontinuation. Bevin is a really nice-looking color, kind of a dusty seafoam. And Skylar is the brightest of the ones I like, a muted medium blue with gold shimmer. I still have a "get one free" coupon from an earlier promotion, and I think I'll use it on one of these three colors.

My Pretty Zombie is due to release her new eyeshadow shades some time today: My Pretty Zombie's Drugs Like Me eyeshadowsthe shadow versions of her Drugs Like Me blushes. I already have ordered MDMA, LSD, and THC after seeing the swatches over on toxid-lotus. (How did I order them if they aren't yet in the shop? I cheated! I ordered the "choose your own colors" 5-pack, and selected the colors I wanted.)

I have some more ELF products to try: the matte lip colors, a few cream shadows and some cream liners, and their mist+fix and brush cleanser. (There was that sale where one could get the Studio Brush kit for $2.12 with a minimum $20.12 of other merchandise, so I looked around for things I wanted to try. And found several.) I'm also going to be giving Philosophy's Hope in a Jar a test run, since I got a VIB sample from Sephora.

And what would beauty blogging be without buddies in other countries to fuel your cross-border addictions? I had asked Sirvinya to buy the Sleek PPQ Me Myself and Eye palette for me, and she included some goodies from Vivo Cosmetics as well! So not only do I have another Sleek i-Divine palette to swatch and review, but I've got some baked shadows and blushes (and a liquid eyeliner!) to test out. Thanks!!

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