Speciallità‘s Mari Moon Multigirl collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Speciallità
  • Availability: beginning December 2011 from Speciallità's webstore; (presumably) Brazilian stores
  • Description: 8 duochrome nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: R$30,00 (Brazilian stores) for each 4-bottle kit
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Speciallità‘s Mari Moon Multigirl collection

Mari Moon is some kind of MTV veejay down in Brazil. I am oh so very out of that age demographic…that even if she were a veejay (or whatever the term is these days) in the US I wouldn’t know who she is. But she brings us multichrome nail polishes, so whomever she is, the multichromes are several points in her favor.

I tried buying a few of these polishes on their own, but the ones that I wanted were (of course) perennially out of stock. Finally I bought the two sets, figuring that even if I ended up with some less dramatic multichromes, I’d have the shades I really really wanted.

There are actually now three “subsets” in the Mari Moon line: Multigirl Modern, Multigirl Unique, and Multigirl Glitter Shock. I think I'm just going to stick with the duochrome Modern and Unique sets, though!

This collection is divided into two subsets:

  • Cool — medium-deep green-blue duochrome shimmer
  • Cutie Pie — pink-purple duochrome shimmer
  • Dreamer — blue-purple with orange-bronze duochrome shimmer
  • Trendy — gold-brown-green duochrome shimmer
  • Artsy — royal blue to purple-red shimmer
  • Chameleon —
  • Daring — medium indigo-blue to maroon-red shimmer
  • Unconventional —

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