Stay safe, smell nice: Bath and Body Works’ clean scents

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Stay safe, smell nice: Bath and Body Works’ clean scents

Bath and Body Works is having a sale right now on their signature scents, and on antibacterial stuff (gel, hand soap, hand lotion). I traipsed on in and got a few things. My favorites from BBW were two scents that were effectively being discontinued: White Tea and Ginger, and Juniper Breeze. Both were fresh, clean scents that were not overpowering (not too sharp, not too soft…bright and clean.) After a few years of continuously hearing the dreaded “D” word (“discontinued”), two years ago I stocked up on body cream in these two scents.

Last winter, I was in with the mom-thing and found two scents that I kind of liked: Black Amethyst, and Dancing Waters. The former was a bit spicier and a bit heavier than my other favorites, but it wasn't overly cloying. Dancing Waters was another in the “crisp, clean, not overpowering” category. I got a shower gel in each scent and called that “done for now”.

This summer, I tried Rainkissed Leaves and White Citrus. Rainkissed Leaves is a clean scent without the “bright” - it's a bit more subdued. White Citrus is the bright and spicy without being overdone, and with no sweetness - some of my favorite aspects of Black Amethyst and White Tea and Ginger. I got several little bottles of the hand gel, so that I could have one in each room of the house and always have that to hand…because this coming flu season, I think that the more steps I take to fight off any variation of the Creeping Crud or the Martian Death Flu, the happier I'll be.

White Tea and Ginger and Juniper Breeze are still available through the web site - they're only online, though. But White Citrus is a nice, bright, clean scent while Dancing Waters has the freshness with an underlying hint of sweet. (I'm sure that aromatherapy experts are cringing at my mistakes in identifying base notes and so forth…but I just call ‘em like I smell ‘em.) If you have long been in love with White Tea and Ginger and Juniper Breeze, check out White Citrus and Dancing Waters the next time you're near a store.

And stock up on their antibacterial stuff. Sickie season is going to be upon us faster than you think.

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