Stila’s Waterproof Smudge Crayon in Pink Violet

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  • Manufacturer: Stila Cosmetics
  • Availability: from the webstore and select channel partners; part of the Waterproof Smudge Crayon collection
  • Color Range: medium-deep fuchsia creme
  • Cost/Amount: USD$22 for 1.134 grams / .04 ounces
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Stila’s Waterproof Smudge Crayon in Pink Violet

Semisheer reddish medium purple…it doesn't work too well on me as an all-over lid color because of the patchy application. It works okay as a liner, providing subtler definition and color. It's similar to one of Urban Decay's metallic liner pencils, but it provides just slightly better coverage than that pencil.

Stila’s Waterproof Smudge Crayon in Pink Violet

I bought this pencil at one of Stila's warehouse sales - for a “complete” collection of these colors. I got it for $10. Because of the color and the application, I don't know that I personally would pay full price for this one…but I don't feel like this was a hideous purchase. It just doesn't work as well for me as some of the other Smudge Crayons. I don't see myself reaching for this one too often, unless I can find some alternate use for it (like I have for Smoke, which is my daily brow color. Yes, really.)

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