The SheSpace’s Astrology - Gemini collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: beginning May 27, 2009 through TSS' online storefront
  • Contains: 12 mineral eyeshadow colors
  • Cost/Amount: individual samples $.50, individual colors $4.50 for a full 3-gram jar (no sifter)
  • Would you purchase again: no
The SheSpace’s Astrology - Gemini collection

This collection contained:

  • A Tale Of Twins — smoky iridescent green shimmer
  • Blissful Balance — lime green and copper duochrome
  • Dark Side Of Light — metallic golden olive sparkle
  • Diligence Does Good — golden forest green sparkle
  • Flip Flop — lime champagne pearl
  • Gemini Rising — bronzed lime sparkle
  • Harmony in the Heavens — navy blue-green sparkle
  • Re-creating Chaos — kelly green shimmer with violet and gold iridescence
  • Role Reversal — smoky forest green shimmer
  • Rules of Reverence — lime green sparkle
  • Tip The Scales — cool green sheen
  • Ying and Yang — pea green shimmer

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