The SheSpace’s Fortune Cookie Wisdom collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: through the online storefront, released in late April 2010
  • Contains: 30 mineral eyeshadow colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$3.00 for a 3-gram jar, no sifter
  • Would you purchase again: some colors, yes
The SheSpace’s Fortune Cookie Wisdom collection

This was “the last hurrah” from About Face Cosmetics before closing down that line and launching Hope Quest. The collection had 30 brand-new colors. I only ordered 11 - some of the descriptions read “sheer” or “iridescent”, which I took to mean “lighter color opacity” (and I was right).

The colors in this collection were:

  • Be a Good Example — sheer iridescent cocoa-grape and pink sheen
  • Be Kind to Strangers — metallic magenta berry shimmer
  • Be Your Own Best Friend — midnight plum shimmer
  • Celebrate Red Lipstick — steel-blue iridescent shimmer
  • Cherish a Challenge — iridescent rose wine shimmer
  • Do the Happy Dance — blackened ink shimmer
  • Enjoy your Evolution — smoky iridescent raisin shimmer
  • Expect Great Things — taupe rose-plum shimmer
  • Fear Can Be Fabulous — smoky iridescent charcoal pink sparkle
  • Give Dreams Light — smoky iridescent lavender blue sparkle
  • Go Fetch Bliss — iridescent purple magenta shimmer
  • Hear With your Heart — sheer lavender rose shimmer
  • Hindsight Sheds Light — iridescent burnt rose shimmer
  • Inhale Sunshine — sheer copper pink shimmer
  • Lend Both Hands — iridescent lavender pink sparkle
  • Let Nothing Stop You — forest green pearl
  • Live a Bold Life — blackened grape sparkle
  • Offer an Ear — blackened peacock blue shimmer
  • Own Your Excellence — smoky iridescent lavender blue sparkle
  • Pursue Your Passion — sheer blackened navy shimmer
  • Random Acts Come Back — sheer cocoa-taupe blue shimmer
  • Remember the Mustard Seed — sheer nude-mauve shimmer
  • Sing in the Shower — iridescent aqua blue shimmer
  • Stay on the Sunny Side — iridescent golden copper shimmer
  • Take a Chance — marine blue-green sparkle
  • Take a Mulligan — warm iridescent kelly green shimmer
  • Take a Nap — iridescent copper lime shimmer
  • Take a Step — Lime turquiose charcoal shimmer
  • The Best is Yet to Come — iridescent lilac shimmer
  • Think Before you Speak — blackened iridescent aqua shimmer

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