The SheSpace’s Go Glam or Go Home collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: through TSS' online storefront - part of their permanent line
  • Contains: 45 shimmering, sparkling pigments
  • Cost/Amount: USD$.50 for a sample baggie (5-7 uses) or $4 for a 3-gram jar
  • Would you purchase again: Yes
The SheSpace’s Go Glam or Go Home collection

These colors are part of Heather’s “regular” line - they’ll only be unavailable if she’s between batches at the moment. The colors are mostly richer and more vibrant than the Sprinkles of Twinkles collection, and have more shimmer and sparkle as opposed to pearl or light shimmer-finishes. I own just over half of these colors, and there aren’t too many others I’ve considered getting - while I like glitz and shimmer, and LOVE vibrant colors, too much sparkle draws more attention to my makeup than to me (that’s most definitely my personal opinion, YMMV.)

As of May 2009, there were 45 colors in this collection, including:

  • Art of Noise — blackened navy sparkle
  • Blame The Rain — smoky lime sparkle
  • Broken Rules — honey pink sparkle
  • Chain Reaction — cocoa violet sparkle
  • Chasing Mystery — smoky metal green sparkle
  • Choir of Angels — berry bronze copper sparkle
  • Convicted — blackened raisin sparkle
  • Crack The Whip — blueberry grape sparkle
  • Crushed Metal — copper grey sparkle
  • Dim Witted — golden cocoa rose sparkle
  • Edge of Reason — deep gold olive sparkle
  • Firecracker — pumpkin coral sparkle
  • Gilded Era — golden copper sparkle
  • Glossed Over — lavender plum sparkle
  • Glossy Moon — yellow gold sparkle
  • Heart of Stone — golden-green chocolate sparkle
  • High Drama — metallic grape sparkle
  • Hot Cha-Cha — golden berry pink sparkle
  • Kitty Kat — coral copperberry sparkle
  • Lack Of Sanity — metallic lime sparkle
  • Loose Lips — dark warm bronze sparkle
  • Love Letter Lies — soft pink bronze sparkle
  • Lucifer's Chariot — metallic golden rasberry sparkle
  • Mesh And Lace — metallic baby blue sparkle
  • Minimal Damage — cocoa coral sparkle
  • Moral Enemy — metallic green sparkle
  • No Scruples — rich purple sparkle
  • Packin' Heat — cool bronze sparkle
  • Powder Burn — bright golden peach sparkle
  • Pristine Nature — coral violet sparkle
  • Reap And Sew — blackened dark blue sparkle
  • Resisted Anxiety — blackened raspberry cocoa sparkle
  • Risky Behavior — grape blue sparkle
  • Rock And Roll — blackenend metallic rasberry sparkle
  • Root of Evil — blackened purple sparkle
  • School Girl — bubblegum pink with copper and violet sparkle
  • Shadows of Doubt — electric blackened cocoa with copper and pink sparkle
  • Slumber Party — golden cocoa copper sparkle
  • Smoky Mirror — blued taupe lilac sparkle
  • Splinter — black gold sparkle
  • Tear Jerk — dark indigo-blue sparkle
  • Typical Mania — bright metallic blue sparkle
  • Vintage Advantage — golden sage sparkle
  • Valley Girl — washed out rose gold sparkle
  • Wasted Space — golden green sparkle

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