The SheSpace’s Live Inspired collection

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  • Manufacturer: The SheSpace / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: September to October 2008, through the web store or at the Chicago boutique
  • Contains: thirty eyeshadow colors
  • Cost/Amount: .50 for one sample or $14.00 for all 30 samples; or $4.50 per 3-gram sifterless jar or $125.00 for all 30 fullsize colors
  • Would you purchase again: most colors, no
The SheSpace’s Live Inspired collection

Heather set out to create a collection of timeless, classic, go-with-anything colors. Most of this collection was neutrals of some sort…but not just mattes, and not just browns. The neutrals were multifaceted, and shifted well. The colors weren’t lifeless, though their base hues were more “classic”. The collection was built around Beyond Skin Deep and its close close cousin Define Beauty. (I personally cannot bear the thought of living without Define Beauty. I love this color. Lovelovelove. I only wish I’d bought more when I had the chance…!)

The colors in this collection included:

  • A Girl Like Me — cocoa plum pearl
  • All For Fabulous — dark chocolate brown pearl
  • Anti-Establishment — blackened emerald green shimmer
  • Beyond Convention — soft cinnamon bronze pearl
  • Beyond Skin Deep — golden taupe pearl
  • Biggest Impact — blackened burgundy plum matte
  • Blink of an Eye — golden olive green pearl
  • Colossal Karma — grape navy pearl
  • Cup Runneth Over — soft cool grey pearl
  • Define Beauty — mauve taupe pearl
  • Double the Pleasure — cocoa taupe pearl
  • Eventual Madness — vivid deep grape sheen
  • Feeling So Fine — blackened moss green
  • Human Condition — grey taupe pearl
  • Know Your Voice — light warm brown matte
  • Life Is Dreamy — muted brown plum pearl
  • Live Unscripted — warm brown-grey pearl
  • Lives for Passion — rich red-brown shimmer
  • Love's Rythym — soft grey taupe pearl
  • Moth to a Flame — stone grey with a rose gold sheen
  • Native of Nature — blue-green pearl
  • Never Follow Suit — nearly-black navy satin pearl
  • No More Bore — deep warm brown sheen
  • Pay Attention — dark sage green pearl
  • Singled Out — light grey pearl with blue sheen
  • Sticks and Stones — platinum pearl with purple sheen
  • Stretch Possibilities — deep navy shimmer
  • Tiny Obsession — muted olive sheen
  • Visual Damage — warm red-brown pearl
  • You Can Be Anything — plum taupe pearl

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