The SheSpace’s Make a Wish collection

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  • Manufacturer: The SheSpace / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: January 2009, through the web store or at the Chicago boutique
  • Contains: six mineral eyeshadow pigments
  • Cost/Amount: USD$4.50 per 3-gram sifterless jar
  • Would you purchase again: most colors, yes
The SheSpace’s Make a Wish collection

This collection was released in honor of Heather Hanson’s father, who passed away January 25, 2009. The product page reported that all monies from the sales of this collection were being donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation, in honor of Heather’s father who had been so good with kids. This collection was available only for one week - the briefest run of any TSS collection. The collection contained six colors. Each color could be purchased individually, or all six could be purchased for a slight discount. (I ended up purchasing all six - but did so in two orders of three colors each. Still…the discount wasn’t so huge that I’m kicking myself, and the money went to an organization that helps terminal children, so really - no problems.)

The colors included:

All the colors in this collection are lighter colors. Spread a Little Light and With Arms Wide Open are nearly white, and make lovely brow highlighter colors. Fulfill a Dream is my least favorite of the collection, with Be Seen And Heard coming in second-to-last. I very much like Live a Fabulous Life and Love Knows No Endings, as well as the two "lighteners". This collection was so small, and available for such a short time, that I bought all the colors. If I had had the chance to see the colors swatched, I might not have purchased Fulfill a Dream, and might have wavered on Be Seen And Heard - but might have gotten it, had I seen others' looks with it and been favorably impressed. There was no question that I'd purchase the others.

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