The SheSpace’s Something Twinkling This Way Comes collection

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  • Manufacturer: The She Space / About Face Cosmetics
  • Availability: October 2008 to early December 2008 through TSS' online web store or at the Chicago boutique
  • Contains: 22 sparkling, shimmering colors
  • Cost/Amount: samples $.50 each or $10.00 for all 22; full 3-gram jars $4.50 or $90.00 for all 22
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some colors
The SheSpace’s Something Twinkling This Way Comes collection

By the time this collection had come out, the economy had had its first visible faltering. When it came time for me to make my purchase, I had just bought a house - so didn’t have lots of spare money. I ended up buying just over half of the colors in this collection. (I very much appreciate that Heather makes these collections available as-a-whole, or individually. This lets the customers be a bit choosier.)

Colors included in this collection were:

  • A Bit Too Much — vivid teal sheen
  • Bit By Glitz — blackened burgundy sparkle
  • Broken Mind — bold kelly green shimmer
  • Buddha Kiss — soft turquoise-lime sheen
  • Chasing Whimsies — soft pink shimmer
  • Chuckling Cowgirls — taupe pearl with aqua and green sheen
  • Clowns in Concert — violet shimmer
  • Confetti Wars — soft magenta violet shimmer
  • Dark Side of Glam — blackened forest green shimmer
  • Feast for the Eyes — dark navy sparkle
  • Hollywood Dropout — blackened grape sparkle
  • Hottie Tottie — smoky indigo sheen
  • Lickety Split — deep "denim" blue shimmer
  • Managed Mania — teal blue shimmer
  • Not Quite Enough — robins-egg blue shimmer
  • Off Her Rocker — rich aqua-blue pearl
  • Pins and Needles — dark teal-navy shimmer
  • Pocket Full of Twinkle — sheer pearl with crystal
  • Scent of a Psycho — lavender indigo shimmer
  • Stomp the Pixies — periwinkle-blue sheen
  • The Tacky Chick — grape navy shimmer
  • Tripped the Diva — gold and crystal shimmer

The creator swears that the colors Clowns in Concert and Scent of a Psycho - both Joker-purples, both made in Chicago where The Dark Knight was filmed, and released just after the movie left theatres and just before it was available on DVD - well, the names are just a coincidence. Total and complete coincidence. (Right. Pull the other one, it's got bells on.)

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