The Skin Project: Eye Cream review

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The Skin Project: Eye Cream

Most eye creams and special “eye-area serums” are much like other facial moisturizers and serums, but with a higher concentration of the active ingredients. Unless you have special sensitivities or problems that are not addressed by a general facial moisturizer or serum, spending the money on a special serum or cream for around your eyes doesn't make much fiscal sense. (It also gives you an additional product to keep track of and use - and pack with you when you travel.)

That said, keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated is one of the best ways to minimize the signs of aging. What specific product or technique you use depends on your skin type, your personal habits, and sometimes your budget.

I use Olay Regenerist Serum around my eyes. It's the same product I use elsewhere on my face, on my neck, my elbows, and occasionally my heels. (Yes, my heels. I was utterly amazed at the improvement I saw after just one day.) The only difference is that, because the skin around the eyes is more delicate, I use either my ring finger or a small foundation brush to gently pat on the serum. This means that the skin isn't pulled quite as much, so it avoids the wear and tear that the rest of my skin gets when I'll apply the serum using my index fingers.

Using a product as a multi-tasker makes sense for me, for several reasons. I buy larger containers at warehouse stores, so I have more of the product to use up before the end of its “lifespan.” Using fewer products means less storage/counter space at home, and less space needed in my vanity case when I travel.

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