Zoya’s Adina review

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: originally released in January 2010 as part of Zoya's Reverie collection
  • Color Range: metallic medium purple with green duochrome satin
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6USD$7USD$8USD$9 for 15 ml / .5 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Zoya’s Adina

I've got my look from the day before, and from today, to post (took the photos, then sat down to do taxes) but first, my latest bit of tax-procrastination: my nail polish. (I have no idea why I'm procrastinating. This is my first full year as a homeowner, I'm (pretty sure I'm) going to be getting a refund…but I just hate all the noodling about with paperwork and soforth.

I know. Quit the bitchenundgripen. Okay, here's the nail polish pics.

NOTE: the drawing I mention at the bottom of this post is closed. It ran through Friday, April 9 2010.

Adina is from the 2010 Spring collection (Reverie). It's a purple-green duochrome, vaguely similar to Zoya's Ki but not as deep a purple. With one coat, it's semi-opaque with a nice subtle green flash. Two coats deepens the purple a bit and really fronts the duochrome effect.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Close-up photo of the middle three fingernails of the left hand, showing the nail color applied. The left hand holding a bottle of nail polish and displaying all manicured fingernails, with 2 coats of Zoya's Adina

I placed another order with Zoya today, for Meadow, Sasha, Joy, and Cheri - as well as the Armor topcoat and the Anchor base coat, and a big jar of the White Tea sugar scrub. I got Remove+, a container of Lemon Sugar Scrub, and a 5.5-ounce Lime Zest therapy lotion as my freebies. If anyone's been thinking of trying Zoya's sugar scrubs…do it. They're wonderful. I love them! (The only reason I didn't buy a big jar of the Lemon Sugar Scrub was that the White Tea is a slightly better fragrance with my body chemistry.)

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