Zoya’s Yummy review

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  • Manufacturer: Zoya/Art of Beauty
  • Availability: originally released as part of Zoya's Candy collection
  • Color Range: milky bright-blue creme
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6USD$7USD$8USD$9 for 15 ml / .5 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Zoya’s Yummy

Not as pale a blue as I feared it might be. Initially I thought this might be the same blue color that most swimming pools are (or start out as), and so I steered clear. This is more like a lighter Smurf blue. And yes, that really is the best way I can describe this shade. (But if I ever describe colors as matching up with the Care Bears or My Little Pony, please someone send over the nice people with the padded restraints.)

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Close-up photo of the middle three fingernails of the left hand, showing the nail color applied. The left hand holding a bottle of nail polish and displaying all manicured fingernails, with 2 coats of Zoya's Yummy Four fingers in a row, resting on the thumb, with all nails displaying 2 coats of Zoya's Yummy

One coat gave me nearly complete even coverage…but not quite. I could probably have gotten away with a single coat if I'd applied it more thickly. (But then it would have slopped more onto the cuticles, so…tradeoffs.) Drying time was fairly quick - maybe about 15 minutes for both coats to dry enough so that I could go back to keyboarding and not worry about nicks in the polish. I used Zoya's base- and top-coat, and the manicure lasted for three days with no peeling or chipping before I took it off.

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