2014, Week 17 summary: be spring, already…

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Got the new responsive design in place, after my site was finally moved to its new server. I don't own a tablet, so can only test this code out by resizing my browser - can someone look at the site through their tablet? Both portrait and landscape should display just fine.

I spent this past week in a kind of limbo, not wanting to edit my site too much until the migration was complete. Then I was consolidating accounts, and that wasn't rocket surgery but it took some time. Now, I've got a shiny new index-page layout…and a whole bunch of nearly-blank entries. That's not such a great look.

2014, Week 17 summary: be spring, already…

As part of the redesign, I found that I needed to tweak my image dividing and watermarking. I spent time messing with that, got it looking the way I want it (check the Midnight Clear collection write-up for an example of the new image styles)...and now am going to go through and reformat all my existing photos. Because I apparently am not happy unless I have at least three gargantuan projects taking bites out of my time. I like the new watermarking - it's more subtle than the old design, yet also more clearly marks the image with its source; it's more even; and it's curved rather than angled. I also tweaked the top and bottom caption-areas on the images, because I was never 100% happy with those. I like the new style better.

I debated placing an order with Zoya for their Earth Day promo. Their prices are such that the Earth Day promo is about the only way I'll buy new polishes from Zoya. (And, I've already got lots and lots.) I finally broke down, got the spring 2014 polishes and a few from the winter 2013 collection. I wouldn't say that I'm “over” Zoya; but I am over paying $9 a bottle when I can get other polishes at that price or lower, and they have a better application method. And they're often on sale, so there's another plus. I really liked the CSM polishes after their reformulation a few years ago - the wider flatter brushes always made manicures easier, but the formula itself was not my favorite. They seemed to have ironed out those problems, and so now my only problem with Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Formula collections are trying to actually get ahold of the various LEs! I'm currently scouting stores near me for both the Beach Paradise collection, and the Spring 2014 Runway Trends shades.

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