Color Club’s Halo Hues collection review

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  • Manufacturer: Color Club
  • Availability: released in October 2012
  • Description: 612 holographic nail colors
  • Cost/Amount: USD$10.00 for 1.5 ml / 0.5 fl oz
  • Would you purchase again: yes
Color Club’s Halo Hues collection

In recent years, we’ve had teases of holographic collections, collections with scattered (or EXTREMELY scattered) effects, and a “got-our-hopes-up-and-no-not-quite” situation just this year. The folks at Color Club had been paying attention, and in late 2012, gave us…Halo Hues. These polishes have the linear holographic effect that makes polish fanatics sit up and take notice, and these polishes are just a bit more durable than the last set of utterly-amazeballs holo polishes to hit the US nail polish scene in full force. To date, this collection was released in two waves: the first six in October 2012, and the second six in October 2013. Dare we hope that this collection will be like OPI’s Brights, and have several shades added every year??? (Darker-colored base shades! Linear holographic prismatic effects! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!)

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Color Club’s Halo Hues collection

The first group were the softer shades: the silver, pink, light blue, and light green that we see in nearly every incarnation of holographic polish. These shades were not unwelcome, especially for those of us who had missed getting a bottle of China Glaze's silver linear-holographic polish OMG. There was a slightly cool tan-taupe holographic shade in this collection, which hasn't really been in other holographic collections. Not even the venerable Specialita's Hits No Olimpo collection, which gave us a navy blue and a black holo polish, had a brown! When I first heard about these Halo Hues polishes, I bought four of the colors and counted myself happy.

And then came mid-winter 2013, and news of six more holographic polishes being added to the lineup. Black! Deeper blue! Jeweltone purple! An orange!!

These polishes are a bit more durable than the China Glaze OMG polishes, but not quite as durable as the Speciallita Hits no Olimpo polishes. Sadly, as with all holographic polishes, adding a top coat often dims the linear holographic effects. Many people have reported using Seche Vite top coat and not blunting the prismatic shimmer much at all.

The Halo Hues polishes are a bit thicker than most holographic polishes, in that one coat is almost enough for full coverage. They're thick enough that they can easily be used as stamping, though with fine-line designs, you'll lose some of the holographic effects because the lines are so very fine.

There are precisely two of the current twelve Halo Hues polishes that I don't want, and that's because Kismet is too warm a color for me to wear well; and I don't really need a pink holographic polish. So Kismet and Cloud Nine shall not join my collection. But all the others have, and they brought friends.

This collection contained:

  • Angel Kiss — holographic pale green shimmer
  • Beyond — holographic deep charcoal shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Blue Heaven — holographic pale blue shimmer
  • Cherubic — holographic cool light brown shimmer
  • Cloud Nine — holographic light pink shimmer
  • Cosmic Fate — holographic medium rust-orange shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Crystal Baller — holographic medium blue shimmer (summer 2015)
  • Date With Destiny — holographic medium lavender shimmer (summer 2015)
  • Eternal Beauty — holographic medium-deep amethyst shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Halo-graphic — holographic medium-deep peach shimmer
  • Harp On It — holographic silver-white shimmer
  • Kismet — holographic yellow-green shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Miss Bliss — holographic medium peach-mauve shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Over The Moon — holographic medium deep teal shimmer (spring 2013)
  • Sidewalk Psychic — holographic brown-brick shimmer (summer 2015)
  • Fingers Crossed — holographic shimmer (summer 2015)
  • What's Your Sign? — holographic shimmer (summer 2015)
  • Just My Luck — holographic shimmer (summer 2015)
  • Star Light Star Bright — holographic shimmer (summer 2015)

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