Alphabet Nail Challenge: C is for Charge It (by OPI for Sephora)

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I'm participating in an Alphabet Nail Challenge that I found over at Confessions of a Secret Shopper. She's running her contest from September 1 to 26 - start between those dates, and you can add your link to the list of people taking the challenge. All you have to do is post 26 manicures, one a day, each day using a polish that begins with a different letter of the alphabet. I'm using this as an opportunity to go through my backlog of polishes (and photos still on my hard drive!!) to show off some of my newer goodies.

Alphabet Nail Challenge: C is for Charge It (by OPI for Sephora)

This is not a new nail color. I remember seeing it back in 2007, so whenever it was introduced to the regular lineup of polishes in the Sephora-by-OPI collection, it's been out for some time. The color is a new-minted gold, it applies smoothly, but my bottle was a bit thick. (I only bought it about two weeks ago, I swear…it hasn't been sitting quite that long!) You can see the brushstrokes in the manicure - though they aren't as starkly noticeable as, say, the brushstrokes in China Glaze's Romantique polishes.

This polish is nice enough, and it's a yellow that gives full coverage in two coats; but if you do want it, wait for a sale like the Sephora Friends and Family. I've determined that I like my gold polishes to either be pure-metallic, or to have a little depth to them. Boho Gold is a gold color I like, and OPI/Sephora's Peridot-dupe, S-age is Just A Number, applies very smoothly and wears well…and has the depth of color that I prefer.

Photos that show how the product actually performs...! See how I create my swatches

Alphabet Nail Challenge: C is for Charge It (by OPI for Sephora)

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