Aromaleigh v1’s Pure Hue Intense Minerals collection review with swatches

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  • Manufacturer: Aromaleigh
  • Availability: from their webstore; part of the regular line (probably launched in the first half of the 2000s)
  • Description: 84 eyeshadow colors originally
  • Cost/Amount: USD$6 for 1.2 grams; $1 for a sample baggie
  • Would you purchase again: yes, some colors
Aromaleigh v1’s Pure Hue Intense Minerals collection

This was apparently one of the first collections available from Aromaleigh v1, and it was essentialy straight micas - some mixed with other micas, some repackaged. This collection contained:

  • 14k — gold sparkle
  • Adobe — warm golden shimmer
  • Agate — medium greenish yellow shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Alchemy — irisdescent copper shimmer
  • Alexandrite — cool pinked purpleshimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Ambrette — amber gold shimmer
  • Ancient Gold — gilded green brown shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Angel Wing — iridescent opal pink shimmer
  • Arbor — deep green fine shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Army — medium khaki green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Ballet — iridescent pale pink shimmer
  • Bluebird — bright blue shimmer
  • Blue Haze — blue-white iridescent shimmer
  • Brocade — red-gold iridescent shimmer
  • Bronze — sun kissed and medium-high shimmer
  • Caribé — iridescent blue/green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Cobalt — bright deep blue shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Coco Bean — rich bronzed brown shimmer
  • Coco Mauve — deep brownish mauve with green duochrome shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Copper — bright copper shimmer
  • Delicate Bronze — medium-deep bronze shimmer
  • Delicate Burgundy — deep garnet shimmer
  • Delicate Copper — medium copper shimmer
  • Delicate Gold — burnished medium gold shimmer
  • Dew — pale green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Earthen Sage — medium-deep brown with green iridescent shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Envy — pale iridescent green shimmer
  • Fairy Green — iridescent green-white shimmer
  • Fox — pinked beige shimmer
  • Garnet — deep wine shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Glimmer — silver-white high sparkle
  • Grass — intense grass-green shimmer
  • Heaven — pale iridescent blue/gold shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Hibiscus — medium coral-red shimmer
  • Holy Grail — medium-deep golden olive green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Jasper — medium warm sage shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Jupiter — medium-deep sapphire blue shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Lavandé — medium-light lilac shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Lichen — medium-light blued green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Loganberry — medium pinked cabernet shimmer
  • Lucky — medium-bright blue green shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Magic Wand — iridescent fine shimmer with a subtle lavender glow.
  • Meadow — green with multi-faceted shimmer of gold and green tones (not lip-safe)
  • Moiré — iridescent red/gold shimmer
  • Moon — muted white shimmer
  • Mystery — bright iridescent periwinkle shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Peacoat — medium-deep blue shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Peony — bright fuchsia red shimmer
  • Pewter — medium neutral grey shimmer
  • Pixie Blue — iridescent blue-white shimmer
  • Regal — royal purple shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Robin's Egg — pale blue shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Romance — medium pink shimmer
  • Ruby — jeweltone red shimmer
  • Russet — deep mahogany shimmer
  • Snapdragon — bright magenta-lilac shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Sprite Pink — iridescent pink white sparkle
  • Smokescreen — dark cool grey shimmer
  • Suede — medium warm tan shimmer
  • Sunshine — bright yellow shimmer
  • Sunstar — warm coppery gold shimmer
  • Tarnish — medium-deep copper shimmer
  • Tea Rose — soft warm rose shimmer (not lip-safe)
  • Watermelon — medium-bright clear pink-red shimmer
  • Wizard Gold — iridescent white-gold shimmer
  • Zinfandel — rich metallic warm red shimmer

If you've been thinking of buying a color from this collection, you need to know a few things before you purchase:

  • Aromaleigh has a coupon that lets you choose one color from this collection free with any order of $30 or more (before tax and shipping). They actually have several "standing" coupons. (Just go to their site and click on "coupons + deals".)
  • these are jars of pure mica powder. No pigments, no oxides, just mica. It even says that on the jar lids (I ordered two from this collection: Magic Wand, and Delicate Burgundy.): "100% Pure Mica Powder". This is not necessarily a bad thing...but you should be aware that you can buy pure mica powder from many different places, including Coastal Scents (where you pay $6 for nearly 30 times what you'll get from Aromaleigh for nearly the same price.)
  • EDIT November 2009: this set is being discontinued. Apparently this was put together when Aromaleigh first started selling mineral makeup, and was not removed as original colors and products were added over the years. Beginning November 2009, the final jars of Pure Hue Intense Pigments were sold at a deep discount.

Those caveats aside, if all you want is a small sampling of a particular mica powder color and are ordering enough to be able to use the coupon, OR you don't want to try mixing the larger quantities to get exactly the same color as Aromaleigh's, then - by all means, go for it. It's not a low-quality product. It's just more costly in comparison to other vendors.

The matches:

  • Aromaleigh v1's Magic Wand - Coastal Scents' Violet Interfine Pearl Mica (confirmed)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Delicate Burgundy - Coastal Scents' Ruby Mica (confirmed)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Pixie Blue - Coastal Scents' Inter Blue Sparks Mica (suspected)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Blue Haze - Coastal Scents' Blue Interfine Pearl Mica (suspected)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Fairy Green - Coastal Scents' Green Interfine Pearl Mica (suspected)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Sprite Pink - Coastal Scents' Red Interfine Pearl Mica (suspected)
  • Aromaleigh v1's Wizard Gold - Coastal Scents' Inter Gold Sparks Mica (suspected)

I guessed at several because I only ordered two colors from this Aromaleigh collection. I was able to make educated guesses on the others based on my familiarity with interfine powders (when I first started using mineral makeup, I was so thrilled to find these that I kind of went nuts. Bought the same thing, under different names, from four different manufacturers.)

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