Beauty Trials: Wet n Wild Megalash Clinical Lash Serum

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Walgreen's is having several beauty sales. Some inexpensive nail polishes I like were first priced at 2 for $4, then reduced again on top of that; another beauty brand that I don't use quite as often is having a monstrous 69-cent sale on lots of their “staple” products, and for whatever reason, Walgreen's has decided to mark down a whole bunch of other products.

I decided to try Wet n Wild Clinical Lash Serum, to see if it actually does anything…and because I don't need a prescription to buy it, and it's under $6 normally. It was on sale for $4, so I happily added a tube to my basket of nail polishes (and a couple of Wet n Wild 8-pan palettes for a friend).

Beauty Trials: Wet n Wild Megalash Clinical Lash Serum

I wasn't too interested in trying Latisse because of the cost, and because of reports that it can change the iris-color permanently. But I figure that a product like this probably has as good a chance of working as Latisse does...because the folks at Allergan stumbled onto Latisse by accident, while developing a drug to treat glaucoma. They're still unsure exactly how Latisse works. Directly from their FAQ:

LATISSE® is believed to affect the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways: first, it increases the length of this phase; and second, it increases the number of hairs in this growth phase. The exact way it works is unknown.

So while Allergan is fairly sure that it's bimatoprost (the active ingredient in that glaucoma-treatment solution of theirs) that causes the lash increase and growth, they're not sure exactly how or why it happens. They just know that it happens. There could be other products out there that will give the same result. (My next door neighbor, She Who Loves To Know Things, claims that when she was a girl she put petroleum jelly along her lash line every night and that gave her and her sisters and cousins thicker lashes.) So...I could either get a prescription and pay $120 for one of their kits - which presumably lasts for about four months, since Latisse takes 16 weeks to reach full effectiveness? - or pay a tiny fraction of that cost for something that will last for about one month, requires no prescription, and which won't turn my blue eyes brown. Yeah, that one's a stumper.

I have rather fine hair, and also rather fine lashes. I think they're on the lighter side of average, in terms of how many there are. So if there's an improvement, I'm sure to notice it. The photo is with no mascara, no eyeshadow primer, no eyeliner, nothing. I'll take another similar photo every week so that we can all track and compare.

Beauty Trials: Wet n Wild Lash Serum (week 0)

I started using it last night, and I've been putting it on every night and only at night. While Wet n Wild also sells a Clinical Lash Mascara, I didn't get that - I have some mascaras that I like, and if this serum product doesn't work on its own, I'm not sure how much better things would be if I also used the coordinating mascara. (On the other hand, if this shows a little bit of improvement, I may try the mascara for a week or two and see if I really love the results.) When looking online at others' reviews, I've found a few things:

  • Over at Beautypedia, Paula Begoun notes that this product contains no ingredients known to cause lash growth. Well...since Latisse stumbled onto something that causes lash growth but they don't know the exact mechanism, it's possible that this contains ingredients that do cause lash growth...but that hasn't been extensively tested in a lab just yet.
  • Other people commented that if you accidentally get this stuff in your eyes, it burns. I cannot confirm the burning-sensation-in-the-eye, however when I applied Megalash I felt a slight warmth that was similar to when I applied that Eye Galoshes product from Urban Decay...and I remember the one time I accidentally got a little bit of that in my eye, it stung like hell. Thus I'm very cautious when I apply this stuff. I don't need to empirically verify this fact, thanks much, I'll just take their word on it. :D
  • This stuff, like Latisse, is applied using a brush along the upper lid at the lash line, and onto the very base of the upper lashes.

Has anyone else used this product?

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